Welcome to Sofia Italian Furnishings. My name is Alessandro and I run a Kent-based family business with my wife Barbara.

We are a proud distributor of authentic Italian handmade furnishing products crafted by selected independent Italian artisans we chose because of their focus on quality, tradition, and sustainability.

We both are passionate about furnishings products and one day we decided to turn our passion into a business.

We have always been enthusiastic about home accessories and furniture. Our previous house in Bologna used to be full of beautiful pieces we bought in different Italian regions from independent shops or antique markets.

We decided to move to the UK in 2013 to open a pub and restaurant we successfully run for six year. A wonderful experience we decided to put to an end to spend more time with our daughter Sofia.

Barbara’s background is in interior design having worked for years for her parents’ business in Sicily mainly dealing with luxury bathroom and kitchen complete solutions.

My background is in Operation Management. I worked for several year in manufacturing in areas like production planning, purchasing, and logistic.

Last but not least, our daughter Sofia gives us a help but only sporadically because apparently she is too busy studying (I am not too sure about that …), playing football and basketball, hanging out with friends, or occupied in other unspecified activities.